Monday, March 21, 2011

Practicum Post #4- Derreck Krause

hours played 5:30-9:30 (spring break week)

So instead of jumping right into gameplay, I decided to do a little research on Call of Duty:Black Ops. I had a few questions on some of the acronyms and abbreviations, so I decided to look them up, and in the process I learned about how to get better at this game. Instead of unlocking weapons, equipment and perks by leveling up, CODPoints (Call of Duty points) are introduced. To purchase everything the player would like in Multiplayer, CODPoints must be spent. This currency is earned through regular gameplay, as well as from leveling up and completing Contracts. Contracts are little individual challenges that a player accomplishes during his multiplayer gameplay. However, certain items become available only when the player has reached a certain level. I personally have not tried any of these contracts yet because they include things like "kill 5 people without dying once (something I have never done), and "Kill people from long range." These are things I havent tried because I havent gotten close to accomplishing one of them before I get slaughered.

As for the gameplay, I engaged in two different lobbies for the "Free-for-All", which just means everyone on the own. But in both cases I heard people talking strategy to each other. They also sounded like friends, so this led me to assume that kids come home after school and join in the same lobbies as their friends, which is an option when selecting the type of game. I, personally, have not done that because I dont have any friends who play this game online. Also, there are many different types of games that you can enter even before you start killing people. You can play a wager game where you wager your COD points to other players, or you cna make a private class, for you and your friends to play.

Over break I played a lot against the computer in multiplayer gameplay because I was sick of getting annihilated against hardcore gamers. So I played and played, and eventually I gained enough experience to be able to last for a while longer. I started not being at the bottom of the rankings anymore once the match ended. I was eventually more middle of the pack.

As to my exact level and gameplay stutus, I have yet to figure out but that will be my next objective...

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